Music is probably the most ubiquitous digital consumable of our present society. Musiquitous is a project investigating mobile, ubiquitous music. Musiquitous, or just MusiQ, is funded between 2009-2012 by the Academy of Finland research programme MOTIVE.

The goal of Musiquitous is to create new knowledge about phenomena related to ubiquitous music in Finland. Our work is divided into three work packages: past, present and future. We believe that by creating a multi-disciplinary approach by combining excellence in history of technology, human-computer interaction research and future forecasting through prototyping we achieve a fresh perspective into how people have, do, and will enjoy music through technology.

We use a wide selection of methods to investigate each part of the question. The project will bring out series of study cases, which together enrich our understanding. We triangulate our work as follows:

Musiq research triangulation