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22.11.2012 Where's My Music and Missä Mun Musa open

We have just recently launched two new web-based studies, one in Finnish and one in English:

Check it out!

21.11.2012 Ready for the final presentations!

The Academy of Finland MOTIVE program and Musiquitous are both having their final seminars on Fri 23.11.2012.

You can find our summary poster here:

10.10.2012 Tiina receives the Abbot Payson Usher prize

The Society for the History of Technology has just rewarded Musiquitous researcher Tiina-Männistö Funk with the Abbot Payson Usher prize for the best article published in Technology and Culture journal in 2012.

06.06.2012 Heikki Uimonen Populaarimusiikin tutkimuksen professoriksi

Musiquitouksessa tutkijana toiminut Heikki Uimonen valittu Populaarimusiikin tutkimuksen professoriksi Sibelius akatemiaan:

Réka Szilvay, Heikki Uimonen ja Peter Peitsalo Sibelius-Akatemian professoreiksi

22.03.2012 Lassi Liikkanen on TV!

Musiquitous tutkija Lassi Liikkanenkohtaa viihteen - Lassi kommentoi musiikin päässäsoimista Puoli Seitsemän ohjelmassa YLE areenassa: 

Nähtävissä ainoastaan 31.3.2012 asti!

13.02.2012 Presentation accepted to CHI!

A work-in-progress paper by Vilma Lehtinen and Lassi Liikkanen titled "The meanings of mobile music sharing in tween life"was accepted to CHI 2012 conference. Come and check out our poster in May!

The paper will appear on this web site by the time of the conference (May 5-10)

08.02.2012 Heikki Uimosen kirja Vuoden kirjaksi

Radiomusiikin rakennemuutos on Vuoden 2011 kirja

Tampere University Pressin (TUP) vuoden 2011 kirjaksi on valittu tutkijatohtori, MusiQuitous tutkija Heikki Uimosen kirja Radiomusiikin rakennemuutos. Kaupallisten radioiden musiikki 1985 - 2005.  

16.12.2011 Paper on Live music recordings accepted to Photomedia Conference

Paper on Live music recordings accepted to Photomedia Conference

Study by Lassi A Liikkanen titled  Love through the viewfinder: Practices in contemporary snapshot photography of live music performances will be presented in March 2012 at the international Helsinki Photomedia conference,  “Digital Cameras as a Nexus in Everyday Life”, workshop. The paper will be released on the website once it has been presented! 


12.12.2011 MusiQ paper accepted to CHI'12

12.12.2011 MusiQ paper accepted to CHI'12

A note by Sami Vihavainen, Sujeet Mate, Lassi A Liikkanen and Igor Curcio was accepted to CHI'12. This publication documents a field study and follow-up creation of a collaboratively created live music video from ProvinssiRock festival. This study succeeded as a collaboration of HIIT (Aalto University; Sami ja Lassi; MusiQ and Social video projects) and NRC Tampere (Sujeet and Igor) and numerous other inspired researchers appearing in the photo below:

08.12.2011 MusiQ researcher host a session at Radical Music History Symposium

Musiquitous researchers are present at

Helsinki, Sibelius Academy 8-9. Dec 2011

Prof. Vesa Kurkela is one of the symposium organizers and Dr. Kaarina Kilpiö will present her work in a session Technology as medium chaired by Dr. Heikki Uimonen - all affiliateed with Musiquitous!